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Send the Perfect Gift Card for Canadian Thanksgiving on CY.SEND

canadian thanksgiving


Canadian Thanksgiving is a time to celebrate with family and friends and give thanks for all the good things in our lives. It’s also a time to show our appreciation for the people we care about, and one of the best ways to do that is with a gift card on CY.SEND

It’s also a popular time to give gifts, and CY.SEND offers a wide variety of Canadian Thanksgiving Gift cards to choose from.

  • The Home Depot Gift Card: This gift card is perfect for the DIYer in your life. They can use it to buy everything from tools and materials to home decor.
  • Doordash Gift Card: This gift card is great for foodies who love to try new restaurants. They can use it to order food from their favorite restaurants and have it delivered right to their door.
  • Lush Gift Card: This gift card is perfect for the self-care lover in your life. They can use it to buy bath bombs, body butter, and other luxurious products.

What is the history of Canadian Thanksgiving?

The history of Canadian Thanksgiving can be traced back to the early European settlers who came to Canada. The first Thanksgiving celebration in Canada took place in 1578, when English explorer Martin Frobisher held a feast to celebrate his safe arrival in Newfoundland.

Over time, Thanksgiving became a regular event in many Canadian communities. In 1879, the Canadian government officially declared Thanksgiving to be a national holiday.


Canadian Thanksgiving is celebrated on the second Monday in October. In 2023, Canadian Thanksgiving will be celebrated on October 9th.


Canadians celebrate Thanksgiving in many different ways. Some people attend church services, while others simply spend time with family and friends. Many Canadians also enjoy a traditional Thanksgiving meal, which typically includes turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, and cranberry sauce.

What are the traditional foods eaten on Canadian Thanksgiving?

The traditional Thanksgiving meal in Canada is similar to the Thanksgiving meal in the United States. However, there are a few Canadian twists. For example, many Canadians enjoy eating pumpkin pie or butter tarts for dessert.

What to Avoid Gifting for Canadian Thanksgiving?

There are a few things that you should avoid gifting for Canadian Thanksgiving. For example, you should avoid gifting clothing or jewelry, as these are typically seen as Christmas gifts. You should also avoid gifting alcohol, as many Canadians do not drink alcohol on Thanksgiving.

CY.SEND offers a wide variety of Canadian Thanksgiving gift cards to choose from, including Home Depot Gift Card, Doordash Gift Card, and Lush Gift Card. Send the perfect gift card to your loved ones this Thanksgiving and show them how much you care.