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Discrepancy Between Received and Purchased Amounts  

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The difference between the received amount and the amount originally purchased can often be attributed to factors such as exchange rate fluctuations, rounding discrepancies, and the potential for a negative balance.

Exchange Rate Variations: The exchange rate, controlled by operators, can result in variations in the received amount compared to the purchased amount. Sometimes, rounding adjustments can lead to minor differences that may affect the final balance.

Technical Glitches: At times, technical glitches in the mobile service provider's system or the top-up service can lead to delayed or incomplete crediting of the full amount.

Promotional Offers: Special promotions may offer additional credit for specific top-up amounts. If the details of these offers are misunderstood or not properly recognized, there might be a perception of receiving less credit than expected.

Input Errors: Mistakes during transaction input, whether on your part or the cashier/vendor's, can result in discrepancies between the intended and actual credited amounts.

Tax Deductions: In certain regions, local mobile operators might deduct taxes like VAT from the credited amount before it reaches you.


If you encounter such a situation, consider these steps:

Direct Contact: Reach out to the operator using the provided reference number from your purchase confirmation.

Customer Care: Contact customer care for assistance. Capture screenshots of relevant transaction details, for example the SMS top up receipt.

Discrepancy Between Received and Purchased Amounts