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Are there any specific requirements for international users?

None! One of the great advantages of CY.SEND  is its worldwide accessibility. Here are three compelling reasons that highlight why we stand out as the best choice for users globally:  Global Reach: CY.SEND  takes pride in being a truly global platfor Read More

Why Is My Payment on Hold?  

Processing your orders swiftly is a priority for us. Sometimes, however, payments remain pending for specific reasons. Here's a rundown of the most common ones:  Verification & Review Processes: Payment Verification: Periodic checks by us, Read More

Can I use CY.SEND if I'm not located in the same country?

Yes, absolutely! Our platform enables you to effortlessly purchase products for any country you desire. Whether you're continents away or just a few borders apart, you can confidently rely on our seamless service. Here are three compelling reaso Read More

Can my order be edited or cancelled?

Unfortunately, orders are non-editable and non-refundable; all sales are final. For more details, you are welcome to check our terms and conditions. Read More

For how long will my order stay pending?

Your order be pending for 2 or 3 days depending on the volumes of pending orders we receive and on the reason your order is pending. Read the FAQ article about why order can be pending. They are processed in first come first served basis. Read More

My order is pending, what does it mean?

We are processing pending orders as fast as we can. Usually is it to verify your payment and to make sure that it is a transaction that was initiated by the payment method owner.  Here are some of the reasons why your order might be pending: Payment Read More

About us and our mission

Our Vision: We envision a future where digital gestures have tangible impacts. We believe that a simple digital gift can illuminate the real world, making every individual's journey brighter and better. We aspire to be the universal bridge, tran Read More