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Help to login to my CY.SEND account?

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Having trouble logging into your CY.SEND account? Here are some common issues and solutions to help you regain access:

Incorrect Username or Password: Double-check your credentials. If forgotten, use the "Forgot Password" feature to reset them.

Account Locked / Blacklisted / Banned: If you've had multiple failed login attempts, your account might be locked. Wait or contact CY.SEND customer support.

Internet Connection Issues: Ensure a stable internet connection. Refresh the page, restart your router, or try a different network.

Browser Issues: Clear cookies and cache, try another browser, or use incognito mode to bypass any browser-related problems.

Account Deactivation: Violating terms or suspicious activity can lead to deactivation. Contact CY.SEND support to resolve the issue.

Account Expired: Inactivity may lead to account expiration. Check the terms for details.

Server Problems: Sometimes CY.SEND might be down for maintenance. Wait and try again later.

Verification Troubles: Verify your phone or email periodically. Check for verification messages from CY.SEND.

Changed Email or Phone: Update contact details or use old details to log in and make changes.


If your issue isn't covered here, consult the rest of the FAQ. If problems persist, contact our customer support for assistance.

Help to login to my CY.SEND account?