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Setting Up Your CY.SEND Account - Troubleshooting & Solutions

1 Minutes

Problems with Existing Account and Emails:

  • If you previously signed up with CY.SEND, try logging in or reset your password.
  • Double-check if your email has been registered before. Mistakes happen!
  • Didn’t get a verification email from CY.SEND? Look in your spam/junk folder or ensure the email provided was accurate.

Device and Browser Challenges:

  • Using a mobile device to register? Some may not be compatible. It's often better to use a desktop or laptop.
  • Experiencing hitches? Maybe your browser is outdated. Consider updating it, switching browsers, or clearing cache and cookies.

Ensuring Correct Account Details:

  • Always verify that details like phone numbers and email addresses are entered correctly and formatted properly.

Navigating Password Requirements:

  • We have a specific password criteria. Always heed the guidance given in the password section during setup.

Tackling Security Protocols:

  • Always fill out captchas or security checks accurately.
  • Numerous failed sign-up attempts may result in a temporary block. If this occurs, either wait it out or reach out to our support team.

Understanding Geographical Limitations:

  • Not all countries can register with CY.SEND.
  • Please note: we restrict the number of accounts for anti-spam purposes.

Addressing Connection and System Glitches:

  • Ensure you're connected to a reliable internet source to prevent interruptions.
  • If CY.SEND is under maintenance or experiencing high traffic, kindly try again after some time.

Age and Previous Account Considerations:

  • Make sure you align with our age criteria as outlined in the terms of service.
  • Past account suspensions or bans can influence new sign-ups.

Still Need Assistance?

  • If your problem isn't addressed above, delve deeper into our FAQ section or connect with our dedicated CY.SEND support team.
Setting Up Your CY.SEND Account - Troubleshooting & Solutions