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 Account Management

Setting Up Your CY.SEND Account - Troubleshooting & Solutions

Problems with Existing Account and Emails: If you previously signed up with CY.SEND, try logging in or reset your password. Double-check if your email has been registered before. Mistakes happen! Didn’t get a verification email from CY.SEND... Read More

How do I update or change my payment information  

Updating your payment information on CY.SEND is a straightforward process, designed to provide you with flexibility and convenience. Follow these steps to modify your payment method:  During Payment: Whenever you initiate a payment on CY.SEND, you�... Read More

Setting Up a CY.SEND Account

Follow the steps below to create your account: Navigate to CY.SEND Registration. Fill in the required fields with your details (first name, last name, email address, and password). Check your email and confirm the verification link we send you. Read More

For how long is my CY.SEND account valid?

Accounts expire after prolonged inactivity. Check the terms and service for more details. There's a chance your user data might be purged to maintain system efficiency and protect your privacy. Read More

How can I modify my payment details on CY.SEND?

It's easy to adjust your payment information with CY.SEND. Here's how: While Making a Payment: Each time you make a payment on CY.SEND, an option will appear to change your payment details. Simply check the payment choices during your tran... Read More

What should I keep in mind before closing my account?

Before you decide to close your account, please be aware of the following: Irreversible Action: After closing, you might not be able to recover your account. Make sure you're ready for this permanent step. Ensure Zero Balance: Confirm that the... Read More

What should I do if I forget my CY.SEND account password?

Steps to Recover Your Password: If you've forgotten your CY.SEND account password, don't worry! Follow these simple steps to regain access: Visit the CY.SEND login page and look for the "Recover Password" option and follow the steps. Enhanc... Read More

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