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 CY.SEND Rewards Cards

Why does my CY.SEND Reward Card show a zero balance?

The primary reason for a zero balance on your CY.SEND Reward Card is that it has already been utilized. When the Reward Card is redeemed, the entire amount is immediately transferred to your CY.SEND account. You can then use this balance to buy gif... Read More

Why is my CY.SEND reward card locked to a specific country?

CY.SEND reward cards are specifically issued for our corporate clients, tailored to their unique rewards program. Here's what you need to know: Country Lock: Some cards are designated for use in specific countries. Product Lock: Your card may... Read More

What is a CY.SEND reward card?

The CY.SEND reward card is a unique, customizable promotional tool designed specifically for forward-thinking businesses. This exclusive card aids companies in driving engagement, fostering brand loyalty, and optimizing their reward strategies. Read More