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 General Information

About us and our mission

Our Vision: We envision a future where digital gestures have tangible impacts. We believe that a simple digital gift can illuminate the real world, making every individual's journey brighter and better. We aspire to be the universal bridge, tran... Read More

What kind of digital goods are sold on CY.SEND?

We sell tens of thousand of different gift card; use the search and the filters to find the perfect gift card.  Here are some of the commonly bought gift cards categories. Gift Cards: For various online services, gaming platforms, and retailers. Mobi... Read More

What is about?

CY.SEND is a company that provides  and instant delivery gift cards and an international mobile top-up service.  This means our users can send gift cards or mobile phone credit (or top-up) to mobile phones in almost all countries around the world.  T... Read More