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 Online Orders

What does "out of stock" mean for gift cards?

"Out of stock" is a term used to indicate that a specific type of digital product is currently unavailable for purchase. This status can occur for various reasons, including:  High Demand: A sudden surge in demand for a particular gift card can lead ... Read More

How to Place an Order?

Buying a gift card or a mobile top up on CY.SEND is fast, here is the short version: Login/Register: Access and sign in or create an account. Select & Decide: Use the Search page to find and choose your product, then decide whether ... Read More

My order is pending, what does it mean?

We are processing pending orders as fast as we can. Usually is it to verify your payment and to make sure that it is a transaction that was initiated by the payment method owner.  Here are some of the reasons why your order might be pending: Payment ... Read More

Can my order be edited or cancelled?

Unfortunately, orders are non-editable and non-refundable; all sales are final. For more details, you are welcome to check our terms and conditions. Read More

What does "product is unavailable" mean?

Thank you for your interest in our diverse range of gift cards! If you've encountered a "product is unavailable" label, it indicates that the specific gift card is currently not accessible within our catalogue. This status may result from unexpe... Read More

For how long will my order stay pending?

Your order be pending for 2 or 3 days depending on the volumes of pending orders we receive and on the reason your order is pending. Read the FAQ article about why order can be pending. They are processed in first come first served basis. Read More

How can I track the progress of my order?

You can monitor your order's status through the "Order History" section of your profile. Additionally, make use of the "Order Tracker" available on our website. Ensure you have the order confirmation email's order ID and the email address u... Read More