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What Does "Product is in Maintenance" Mean on the CY.SEND Catalogue?

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Thank you for your interest in the CY.SEND Catalogue! If you've encountered the message "product is in maintenance," it indicates that a specific product or section of our website is currently undergoing routine updates and enhancements. Similar to regular car maintenance to ensure optimal performance, our online catalogue also requires occasional maintenance to provide the best possible user experience.

 During these maintenance periods, certain functionalities or products may temporarily be unavailable. We recognize that this could be a bit inconvenient and appreciate your patience and understanding as we work diligently to ensure everything is back up and running smoothly. Once the maintenance phase is completed, you'll be able to resume shopping for gift cards without any disruptions.

 To stay informed, you can opt to receive notifications regarding the product's availability directly from the product page or simply revisit our website periodically. We value your continued support and thank you for your understanding during these maintenance periods.

What Does "Product is in Maintenance" Mean on the CY.SEND Catalogue?