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What are the steps involved in the ID verification?

1 Minutes

The process is usually straightforward and involves the following steps:

Start Verification: Click on the verification link or prompt.

Choose Document Type: Select the type of document you want to use for verification (e.g., passport, National ID cards).

Capture Document: Use your device's camera to take a clear photo of the chosen document. Ensure all details are legible and the document isn't expired.

Selfie Verification: It is a real-time selfie to match with the document's photo. Follow on-screen prompts to capture a selfie.

Submission: Once captured, submit the images for verification.

Await Verification Result: Our system will process the information. This typically takes a few minutes, but times may vary.

Verification Outcome: You will receive a notification, either a confirmation of successful verification or a request for additional details.

What are the steps involved in the ID verification?