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 Photo ID Verification

Is my personal data safe?

Yes. We use ShuftiPro, it adheres to global data protection regulations, ensuring your personal data is securely handled and processed. The exact measures can vary, but they generally employ encryption, secure data transmission, and strict access co... Read More

My ID Verification was rejected on CY.SEND

In case your verification fails, there could be several reasons – blurred images, expired documents, or mismatched information. Usually, you will be provided with a reason for the failure and given an opportunity to retry the verification. Here'... Read More

How quick is the ID verification process?

The ID verification is automated and typically completes in under a minute for most cases. It includes a photo of your recent Photo ID and a liveliness test. Just follow the guide. Read More

Why is Verifying Your Photo ID Important with CY.SEND?  

Enhanced Security & Trustworthiness: Verifying your photo ID intensifies the security level of your CY.SEND account. It unlocks special features solely available to verified members. At CY.SEND, your security is our priority. Your ID verification... Read More

What are the steps involved in the ID verification?

The process is usually straightforward and involves the following steps: Start Verification: Click on the verification link or prompt. Choose Document Type: Select the type of document you want to use for verification (e.g., passport, National ID c... Read More