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Why Is My Payment on Hold?  

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Processing your orders swiftly is a priority for us. Sometimes, however, payments remain pending for specific reasons. Here's a rundown of the most common ones:

 Verification & Review Processes:

  • Payment Verification: Periodic checks by us, banks, or credit card companies ensure transactions are legitimate.
  • Account Examination: Initial or unusual transactions might put your account or transaction details under a magnifying glass.
  • Manual Check: Although automated systems oversee most gift card transactions, certain purchases receive a hands-on review for security reasons.

 Data & Account Issues:

  • Data Discrepancies: Inaccuracies in billing or card information can stall processing.

 Operational Delays:

  • Peak Times: High traffic can stretch processing times, keeping orders pending a tad longer.
  • External Snags: Factors like network issues, service disruptions, or third-party challenges might get in the way of smooth processing.


If you're facing a specific CY.SEND hiccup not covered here, take a deeper dive into our FAQ. Still puzzled? Our customer service team is eager and ready to assist!

Why Is My Payment on Hold?